Friday, March 9, 2012

Vacation time!!

Yay!! In 2 days, we'll be sailing away for 7 days. I cannot WAIT! It's definitely going to be a well-needed vacation. I'm sure I'll have lots of fun pictures and stuff to report on when we come back.

Last weekend, Mike and I made a last minute decision to run the Gasparilla Distance Classic 5K. We've run in the last several years but with things being so busy this year, never signed up. The Friday before is always the big race expo at the convention center, which is always awesome. Lots of swag, samples and we usually buy our new running shoes there since everything is half off what they are in the stores (don't know why, but I always love buying new running shoes to wear the day before a race. I'm weird.). Anyway...we risked it and signed up, despite the fact that neither of us had trained. Mike's been so busy back and forth to Georgia and I took a little hiatus from running once I joined my new gym. I've been really big into spin and body pump classes and ran for the first time in months the Tuesday before the race. Not ample training. We didn't do our personal best but it's a great race and the medals were awesome this year. We celebrated afterwards by heading out to the annual beerfest in Ybor with some friends. Hey, we earned it! We joined a running club that meets on Tuesday nights so we can be better prepared for the next one...

Sunday was April's baby shower! Hard to believe that baby Olivia is just a few weeks away! A few of us helped put the shower together and it looked great! Everyone had a nice time, especially April, which was important. Since the nursery is baby jungle animal themed, we stuck with that for the decor of the shower.

Other than that, we've been spending all week getting ready for our trip! Penny is going to Jupiter to stay with my parents for the week, so she'll get a little vacation as well. Tomorrow, we're meeting up with some of our friends with dogs and heading to Humane Society's annual "Bark in the Park." It's a one mile dog walk around the park and they have lots of doggie vendors and activities. Here's my shameless bragging - check out Penny's pic on Bark in the Park's facebook page. She's a popular little pup! Sorry, couldn't help myself ;)

Have a fabulous week and I'll be posting again once we get back!