Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Puppy Fun

We've had Penny for a week now and she seems to be adjusting well! Still a few puppy things to work on like leash training, potty training (though this is improving), etc., but she loves being around us and has had so much fun meeting new people! Tonight, Penny starts her first class of puppy kindergarten. How stinkin' cute is that name?? I wonder if she'll get a little graduation cap when the course is over. Here are a few pics of her first week - they were taken with the camera on my phone so the quality isn't super awesome.
This is her new thing. Since I get up first in the morning, I take her out right away. When I come back in to take a shower and get ready for work, she jumps in bed and sleeps with Mike for a little while. We're trying to train her to only go up on the bed and couch when we invite her, versus her jumping up on her own. The other day after Mike left and I was drying my hair, the little trickster jumped back on the bed and took over Mike's spot since I wasn't looking. I love her face here. It says, "I know I'm not supposed to be up here on my own, but look how cute I am anyway!"

My friend Stacy came over the other night to meet her and she snapped this picture of her. I love it! It looks like she's smiling big for the camera :)

Penny's first shopping trip! I was dying to take her to PetSmart since you're allowed to bring your pets in with you. She did pretty well! Not once did I have to use one of the "Oops!" pet cleanup stations that they have around the store. Go Penny! She also got along really well with all the other dogs walking around the store. I had to pick her up and hold her a few times since she got carried away looking at all the goodies in the store (she takes after her mama...), but she did well and we had a good time.

Aunt Stephie came down from Gainesville this weekend to meet Penny. She thought Penny was a little bigger than she actually is, so she brought her this big, stuffed duck. Penny loves it! She doesn't care that's it's half her size. It's so cute to see her carry it around. 
We also bought her a little red t-shirt at PetSmart that says "Adopted" on it. It was too cute to pass up...

Clearly, she has a thing for giant toys now. Yesterday, I found her in the bar trying to attack Albert. She must be a USF fan. Get that gator, Penny! ;)

You can't really tell in the picture but her paws are stretched out in the air. Doesn't look too comfortable but she seemed to enjoy sleeping like this. If you look closely, you can see her little green "tattoo" on her belly. Every animal at the Humane Society is fixed, so they give them this little tattoo so that vets will know that they have already been fixed. 

That's all for now. Here's hoping puppy kindergarten goes well tonight!

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