Thursday, August 4, 2011

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes... I sit here wondering about all the exciting things that we've been doing to update you on, my mind draws a blank on anything except the dog. When did we become one of those couples whose lives revolved around their dog? About 3 weeks ago, that's when. We're mildly obsessed with her so until that obsession ends, you're stuck reading about a 10 pound ball of constant energy who prefers to yodel instead of bark.
Come on - how can you resist that face?
She started puppy kindergarten last week and has been doing well so far! She's a master at "sit" now. And the potty training has been improving. We've also been bringing her around other dogs and she's super friendly. The only dog she seems to hate is this big shepherd/lab mix that comes in for the dog class after hers. Not sure what he did to piss her off. Maybe he just gives off some negative doggy attitude that only she can see. Or maybe she's angry at his owner since her wardrobe looks like it came straight from the 80's and she has a bad perm. I'll go with that one. I'd growl at her too if I could. Get with the times, lady!

I've also started taking her out to Bayshore for walks in the evening. Seems to be the #1 way to get rid of all her puppy energy. She's doing surprisingly well on them. She seems to love walking up and down the sidewalks and likes to gallop like a horse. She also feels the need to go and say hello to EVERY person who jogs or walks by. She'd be great for single people who are trying to meet someone. If any of our single friends wanna borrow her, have at it. Who needs when you have Penny to do the work for you? I've also come to the conclusion that she's going to be the world's worst guard dog. If someone ever tries to break in, she'd just run up and lick the crap out of them and then bring them a toy. Then she'd start playing with said toy and ignore the fact that there's anyone in there at all.

On Sunday we took her to the dog beach here at Fort De Soto State Park. She had a blast! She loved running around in the sand and of course, going up to every person and dog that she could. God forbid she doesn't make friends with everyone. We brought a boogie board for her to sit on in the water which she seemed to like better than swimming. She made friends with a corgi named Annie who's coloring was very similar to Penny's. She pretty much looked like a fat version of Penny. Being the polite little girl that we're raising her to be (well, sort of), she shared her boogie board with Annie and the two of them had a swell time.
Modeling her new life jacket. Safety first!
Her new thing is to watch TV. She has a blanket that she's allowed to sit on while on the couch and we've caught her several times reacting to what's on TV and cocking her head side to side when she's amused by something. It's pretty darn cute.

Oh! I did think of one thing to share that's non-dog related. Mike officially took over as president of the Tampa Gator Club. He's got lots of exciting things planned for the year and he's been doing a great job so far. I became "first lady" (and have the badge to prove it) and he bought Penny her first Gator outfit - a little doggy cheerleader outfit. I found a little USF Bulls dress that I'm gonna get for her and she'll be all set for college football season! The bar that we watch all the games at is dog-friendly, so I'm sure she'll be making plenty of appearances decked out in her green and gold and orange and blue. Whoops - guess that did happen to become dog-related after all. Damn!

Anyway...that's all for now! If you're brave enough to watch, the new season of the trash-tastic show, Jersey Shore, premieres tonight at 10:00 on MTV and my sister Stephanie may have made it on camera a few times...She was in Italy over the summer the same time they were filming the show. God help us...

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