Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend re-cap and some Penny Lane action

Fall FINALLY made an appearance in Tampa last weekend, and it's been such a nice change. I love the cold weather - nothing is more disappointing that seeing my friends up north post pictures of themselves in scarves and boots while standing in front of red and orange-leaved trees, while I have to blast the A/C on high down here since it's still in the upper 80's. Leaving our windows open and the smell of Fall in the air is the best thing!

Last week, my sister came to town and we all went to the Lightning home opener. They lost but it was still a fun time! This weekend was USF's homecoming game so we went out on Saturday morning to tailgate with some friends. We weren't going to the game so of course we brought Penny, decked out in her little Bulls dress. Saturday afternoon, we went to Frenchy's, a restaurant out on Clearwater beach, not too far from where we got married. Every year on a weekend in October, they do their stone crab fest, where they sell stone crabs for a penny over cost. We usually go every year since we love stone crabs! Some friends joined us this time and we were definitely stuffed by the time we left.

Go Bulls!

Mmm...crabs, get in my belly!

This Wednesday, there is an event in the evening that Humane Society sponsors. It's basically an excuse for you to enjoy live music, the great weather and have some drinks while toting your pet around in a costume. I took Penny shopping for a costume and it turns out she hates having anything on her head. Everything else I found was close to $30! Sorry, Petco, I'm not paying that much for a piece of material that my dog will probably take off and chew to pieces. So I decided to let my crafty juices flow and I made her a butterfly costume. She likes to chase them outside and the fact that I only spent $11 for supplies to make it, makes it a winner in my book. I have to put some finishing touches on it, but I'll be sure to post pics later on this week.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this video of Penny from Friday. She loves to run around in the back yard and since it's fenced in, we'll put her out there and let her play and get some exercise. On Friday, I went out to check on her and found that she was having the best time ever with a random plastic bag that the wind blew into our yard. It was pretty amusing and kept her occupied for a long time. And no, you don't need to turn your speakers up. As much as she's battling the bag, what you're hearing is the silent joy of having a barkless dog (for those who don't believe that Basenjis don't bark). Enjoy :)

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