Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

So hard to believe that 2011 is coming to an end and Thanksgiving is 2 short days away! Tomorrow, we are flying up to Wisconsin to celebrate Thanksgiving with Mike's extended family. We haven't been there since Thanksgiving 2008 so it will be nice to head up there. On Saturday morning, we are taking the train to Chicago and spending Saturday and Sunday in the city with our friend, Jenny. Chicago is very near and dear to our hearts since that's where we got engaged last year! I'm also looking forward to some colder weather FINALLY. Our meteorologists down here apparently like to mess with us and keep telling us a "cold front" is coming through. "Cold front" means that the temperature is dropping from 85 to 77...Not cool, meteorologists, not cool at all. How about you use the term "cool front" when it drops below 70 and use the term "cold front" when I'll actually be able to walk out of the house in my boots and wool pea coat. Sound good?
(And to all you northerners reading that who think I'm nuts for wanting colder weather this time of year, imagine waking up Christmas morning and not being able to turn on the fire place because it's 85 degrees out and songs like "Let It Snow!" and "Frosty the Snowman" are playing. Doesn't quite add up. Bing Crosby dreamt of a white Christmas and so do I.)

There's also been some changes around our household... Unfortunately, Mike lost his job about a month ago. After vigorously job searching, an old boss of his hooked him up with a great opportunity...in Georgia. He'll be working for an owner who has purchased several locations around the Georgia area (mostly around the Atlanta area) and is building new fitness centers. It may sound like a risky opportunity, but Mike feels very confident in the job and it's a great chance for him to finally work for his own  company (that he began a few years ago) and expand to new areas. Right now, he's up there for a few days a week and then working the rest of the time from home. What does this mean for us in the long run? Not sure, but there is a lot of potential for him in Georgia and way more potential for me in my industry up there than there is down here in Tampa. We've discussed our options so we'll soon see what 2012 has in store for us...

Penny's doing well. No huge updates on her except that she's getting to be a little chunkster. Mike had to take her to the vet on Saturday for a shot she needs to be boarded this week, and she has gained 5 pounds! We knew she got bigger but not 5 pounds bigger! She eats like a horse, though, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. She started a new basic obedience class and of course, is the most hyper one there in her class of 10 dogs. She thinks it's social hour and has to make sure she says "hi" to everyone there about 10 times. For her graduation next month, we have to teach her a trick on our own and she has to do it for the class. God help us.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! 

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