Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tis the season!

December 1st and woke up to 45 degrees today - love it! It definitely feels like Christmas. I started decorating the house this week and watched the lighting of the tree at Rockefeller last night. Not gonna lie - totally got misty-eyed. I miss walking by that tree on my way home from work every day! I would purposely walk a few extra blocks to a different subway so I could pass down that way. It was the best!

Thanksgiving was really nice! We flew up to Wisconsin and stayed with Mike's godmother (Michelle and her husband came too). They live in a beautiful house on a lake. On Thursday, we started our day at Mike's uncle's house, complete with a full meal, some wine and a Packers game. Later that day, we went back to the house we were staying at and had Thanksgiving dinner #2. Needless to say, we were spent by the end of the night! On Friday, we went to visit with Mike and Michelle's grandmother for lunch, and then went to their aunt's house to visit with some of the family from their mom's side. It was really great seeing everyone and spending time with family!

Thanksgiving with the Goreckis

Mike's weak when it comes to desserts.

 That's how they do it in Wisconsin. Go Pack Go!

In case you're wondering what side of the family Mike gets his humor from...

(Some of) the crew at Thanksgiving #2. 

So festive sitting by the fireplace.

In case you're wondering where all that pie from the earlier picture went...

Outside in grandma Gorecki's yard.

Saturday morning, Mike and I got up bright and early and took the train to Chicago to see our friend, Jenny. Since we'd been to Chicago several times before, we had already done most of the touristy stuff and didn't really have any set plans. We spent some time walking around the city, looking at Christmas decorations and then reluctantly watched the UF/FSU game later that night. We all know how that turned out, so we won't speak of it. On Sunday, we walked around the city a little and then saw the Muppet movie. It was great! Definitely felt like a kid again :)

German village outside Daly Plaza.

Inside Macy's (the old Marshall Field's). So pretty!

Our traditional "beer flight" that we do at every new brewery we visit. 

Hoping this shot will help us forget the awful score...

Garrett's Popcorn - famous popcorn place with the BEST gingerbread popcorn!

Mmm...our favorite. Blue Point oysters.

Love that Chicago skyline!

Next weekend, we'll be up in Atlanta. We're just all over the place, lately! The countdown to Christmas is on. Clearly, Penny is super excited...

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