Monday, June 27, 2011

Hurry up, week!!

Sorry...been slacking on the posting. I promise to update more. Just hasn't really been much of an eventful few weeks. Last weekend, we went to a housewarming party for our friends Russ and Lauren (who also have their first baby arriving in about a month!). Then on Sunday, we spent Father's Day with Mike's dad over at his place. I'm also going through the dental work from hell...Long story short, I had to get a filling done and of course, the tooth right next to it cracked just a few days before my appointment (which has never happened to me!). My dentist advised that I get 2 crowns put on since the teeth are side by side. As he's working on my teeth, he notices the broken tooth was too close to the nerve and said I needed a root canal before the crowns. I go in for said root canal (another first for me) and now have to go back in for my crowns. Exciting stuff, huh? Oh yeah - I also have an extremely sensitive mouth and afraid of any dental work (I really do have nightmares about my teeth falling out). This should be fun.

This past weekend, my sister came back from her 6 week study abroad program in Italy. She's the only person I know who goes to Italy and craves Chinese and Mexican food, ha ha! So, I made sure she had her fair share of chips and salsa, queso, enchilladas, etc. when she came back on Saturday. On Sunday, we were supposed to take the boat out, but Mother Nature had other plans, so we had to nix that idea. So we went to Costco instead. See - told you things were not super exciting in the Gorecki household lately.


This weekend we are heading up north to spend July 4th weekend at the Jersey Shore! Our friend Ryan's parents have a house up there, and he invited us and a couple other friends to head up there for the weekend. We leave on Friday and then on Saturday, Mike and I are going into NYC!!! I cannot WAIT for my feet to hit those sidewalks again. I'm so excited. I can't believe it's been as long as it has been since I left. I'm WAY overdue for a trip up there. Of course, I'd love to stay longer, but if it's just for a day, I'll take it. There's so much I wanna cram in to one day, but given our recent honeymoon experiences, I know we can do it.

I'm coming for you, NY! See you SOON!
Sunday, we'll be hanging out with everyone at the shore. Seaside Heights, to be exact. I've been there a few times before and it's probably one the best people watching places on earth. I've also been told the cast of the "Jersey Shore" on MTV will be out and about filming episodes for next season, so we may see them wandering around. My sister just saw them in Florence when they took over Italy for a few weeks (and she may or may not have made it on camera...) and said that they're just as trashy and entertaining as they are on TV. 

On Monday, we're actually flying out of Philadelphia that night, so we're going to head over there with a few friends on Monday morning and spend the day there. Neither Mike nor I have ever been to Philly, so that'll be cool to hang out there for a bit. Plus, I'm sure it'll be awesome to be there on July 4th!

That's about it for now. Happy Monday!

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