Monday, June 13, 2011

I heart NY

Happy Monday! Ok, I'm not really that chipper on a Monday. It's more like "ugh...Monday's back." Come on - who really enjoys Mondays? Anyway, as usual, we had a pretty packed weekend. Friday night, we went to our friend Robb's house for dinner with a few other couples. On Saturday, we went to our friend Missy's annual "Summer Sizzle" - a pool party she throws every summer. She lives on a huge piece of land right on a lake, so she has the ideal place for a party and it's always a fun time. Sunday, Mike went golfing with some of the guys and I went to brunch with my friends April, Vermille and Kimmy, followed by some shopping with the girls. Sunday night, I made dinner for Mike and I (smothered pork chops and roasted ratatouille - YUM!). After dinner, we watched the Tony Awards. I love the Tony Awards and I never miss it. Everyone knows my undying love for Broadway and it's so much fun to watch all the performances and learn about all the new shows that are out. I can't even count how many times I said to Mike throughout the show, "I wanna go up to New York and see that!." Watching the Tonys always makes me so homesick for NY, though! When I lived up there, I worked for a site called and it was a dream for me - I saw tons of shows when I lived up there. During one of Mike's first visits up there, we went to see Spring Awakening and we both loved it! Some of the kids from Glee were part of the original Broadway cast, so it's cool to watch the show (which I religiously do every Tuesday) and know that we saw them on stage. Going to the theater here is great, but there's nothing like sitting in an old theater in NYC. I'd rather sit in the little Eugene O'Neill theater with everything still intact from the 1920s than in the big performing arts center here any day! We're going up to New Jersey for July 4th weekend with some friends (Jersey Shore, actually. But more on that later...), and planning on heading into the city for day. I can't wait! I know we'll only be there for a day, so seeing a show is out of the question, but it'll feel so good to be back in NY!


  1. I was just thinking last night we should do a NYC Broadway show trip. Go up for a couple days, catch a couple shows, eat great food and treats. It would be awesome!